Product Description

Using state of the art technology, Lightshoe is committed to giving every rider a product that performs optimally for their riding style. Each Lightshoe is built using Gary’s special design.  It’s been copied by other hotshoe builders–they say imitation is the best form of flattery.  We use only the best hard facing, designed for weight, wear durability and impact resistance.  The Lightshoe crew strives to make their product better–always, so our research never ends.  Our goal here at Lightshoe is to make you the best and safest slider you’ve ever worn or ever will wear on the track!

Important Ordering Information:

Call us for kids and youth size hotshoe discount info.

Steel shoe orders without purchase of a new pair of boots require your left boot to be mailed to Lightshoe for fitting. All shoes are custom made to your boot.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, we appreciate notification of your desired return date be included on your order invoice. Please print your order invoice and insert into the boot before mailing.  Thank you!