Lightshoe #1 Maker of Steel Shoes for Dirt Track Racers.

Steel shoes, hotshoes and skid shoes custom handcrafted for flattrack racers by Gary Kinzler

Company Information

Lightshoe has been building custom hotshoes since 1998. Our steel shoes are worn by champions, expert, pro and amateur racers all over the world.  Our unique 2 piece design has been tested and proven. We have designs to fit every rider’s personal style, so you always get the best fit and wear from your Lightshoe. 
The goal here at Lightshoe is to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied and get a product they can trust. Our customers always get the attention and dedication they deserve!
To be determined.  Please stop by our website later for updated information.

To produce the best hand-crafted steel shoe, custom fit to the racer’s boot, and in lightening fast speed.