Lightshoe brand steel shoes are handcrafted in the USA. They're custom fit to your boot and your riding style. Lightshoe uses only the highest quality materials. Carefully constructed, built to last, with performance and aesthetics in mind. Get a Lightshoe, you'll be glad you did.

Lightshoe is owned and operated by Gary Kinzler. Gary's idea of creating a lighter hotshoe came in 1998 as he watched riders in the pits. Realizing the weight of most steel shoes, he decided to develop a high performance shoe that weighed less. His machinist background and his own racing experience gave him just the knowledge he needed.


American Flat Track: Lightshoe’s Gary Kinzler NBC Sports Feature

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American Supercamp

American Supercamp is a motorcycle school for all riders that trains using dirt-track techniques. All of the instructors use Lightshoe on one condition. Beat them up and tell us how to make them better!

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